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The Birthing Process 

The birthing process involves much more than just active labor, although this is a significant part of it.  I believe that the process of birth is a sacred and transformative series of events that lead up to and follow the birth of your child, and that how you approach that process can have a lasting impact on both parent and child.   The birthing process begins with conception and all of the experiences and emotions that build up to the day of birth.  The real expert in this sequence of events is the mama.  I trust her and her instinct, and we work together to build on these intuitive tools to respond to the beauty and spontaneity that makes each birth its own unique experience.   

My aim is to create a space where mother and birth partner can come together and find the tools to prepare for the birth experience as much as one can.   For myself, the postpartum period was more overwhelming than expected.  My Doula support follows the birthing process into early motherhood.  If there is one time in your life to lean on the help of those around you, it is in those first weeks after your baby is born.  My passion is in helping to nourish and support others in the precious steps of this birthing journey. 


about Me

My name is Lisa, I live in Calgary with my Husband and two sweet little girls.   Both of our girls were born at home, the first unexpectedly so, and the second, much quicker than we might have imagined her arriving.  I've been teaching yoga, breathing and meditation for a little over 17 years. During this time I've completed several thousand hours in yoga trainings and courses, and have spent the past 6 years leading and training others to become yoga teachers.   In 2012, my husband and I founded Define Yoga School and together we have spent time teaching in South America, Mexico and Canada. 

After my first child was born, I transformed into a birth junkie of sorts and became obsessed with the birthing process.   As I felt a deep calling to pursue my passion for the child birth, I completed my prenatal yoga training, and soon after did my Doula certification in the hopes of melding these two passions together into something special.   

I am happy to meet for a free consultation and interview, you can also visit me by attending a yoga or prenatal yoga class listed in my teaching schedule below. 

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